November 19, 2021

We’re halfway through Movember, and your face has passed the itchy phase. Now, you’re experiencing a different dilemma: You wake up and say good morning to your moustache, with the sun beaming through the window. You go about your routine and catch a glance in the mirror, immediately asking “Who’s that handsome devil?” only to realize that it’s you.

Finally, you get to your closet and run into a dilemma:what clothes best compliment this lip sweater I’m currently wearing?

We’re here to help with that! Your look for this moustache season is important to us - making sure every time you walk out the door, you are at your best. 

Do Denim on Denim 

We don’t believe in the outdated fashion rule: no denim on denim! We’re different and so are you; you’re a rule breaker and a trend setter, which is why you currently have that moustache gracing the canvas of your upper lip.

If The Trucker or Regent Mo best suits your style, bend the rules and don the ol’ Canadian tuxedo as a great way to elevate your usual white tee and jeans combo. Pair the Felix denim shirt with your favourite denim cut. Change things up by adding a turtleneck (or your choice of knitwear) underneath your shirt, slice the contrast with a bright puffer jacket, and simply add a beanie before heading out! 

Coats are the GOAT

And by “goat” we of course mean “greatest-of-all-time” winter wardrobe staple. If things are taking shape into The Business Man or Box Car style for your upper lip, then the Moulder coat would be the perfect complement. 

Take it to the Streets!

Donning the classic Connoisseur or Wisp styles for this #Movember? We’ve got you covered. A good shacket (the offspring of a jacket and shirt) can go a long way to take sweatpants from casual to hip, and is adaptable for almost all situations. Our latest oversized overshirts and perhaps a fresh cold brew, much like your moustache, is your ally in this situation. Warmth is important! Instead of layering on top of your shacket, layer below it! You’ll have heads turning for your moustache (of course) and your outfit.

Black on black

You’re rocking a Rockstar Mo so dress like a Rockstar. An all-black attire will help you stand out! Rock your favourite black denim fit with our Caden puffer jacket, and you’ll feel warm as ever and, most importantly, like a Rockstar! The jacket, along with your moustache, are the heroes of your outfit so keep the base layer simple with a NOA basic black t-shirt.  

 A Reminder:

 JACK & JONES is a proud partner with Movember for a second year to give back to the bros who have helped them get to where they are today.

We are accepting donations in-store all month long with a goal to raise $50,000 for men’s health.


November 5, 2021

The Moulder, the Better 

We all know that the autumn-winter season is all about layering, and having just the right top coat. Master the subtle yet tricky art of stylish layering to softly transition into the colder months with these must-have pieces. 

Our long-time favourite Moulder wool coat was sharply tailored so you can carry yourself with powerful confidence wherever you go. It’s all about filling the gap in your wardrobe where style meets warmth. This timeless classic will keep you warm while making you feel good since it’s made from recycled wool and polyester—as a part of our drive to a more sustainable future. To give your outdoors look a trendy twist, try the style in one of our new cappuccino or checkered dark grey shades. 

How do you style it, you may ask? Well... 

A wool coat will never look out of place with any combo you throw it over. Add a sweater or hoodie under it. A sweater will dress it up. A hoodie will help dress it down. Why limit yourself? Why not both? Go for the long-fit NOA basic tee—made from organic cotton for our eco-friendly folks out there—throw on a hoodie, and add a sweater on top of it. For extra style, make sure to let all these layers show. It’ll give it a more casual yet dressy look. The NOA t-shirt will work perfectly to highlight the contrast between your tops and bottoms, as its length will surely show under your choice of sweater or hoodie. You can even try it in the long-sleeved, hooded version for a cool streetwear vibe. 

Speaking of bottoms, think comfort! The time of tightly fitted denim is slowly fading as we welcome a blast from the past: the comfortable loose-fitting denim from the 90s, aka the Chris fit. These vintage yet modern jeans will update your style like no other with their high rise and loose thigh, knee and leg opening. For the wash, you can’t go wrong with a classic medium blue denim. Don’t hesitate to go up a size or two if you really want your pair to feel baggy, especially since this style has no added stretch. We wanted it to look and feel like a solid authentic pair from the old days. An important fashion tip when choosing your denim is to have the right contrast to match your top layers. For lighter-brightly coloured top layers, go for darker shade denim pants. For darker-subtle tones top layers, go for a brighter shade of denim pants 

Add a bit of personality with some curated socks. In other words, roll up your jeans just a tad to show off those colourful ankles. No prints or patterns are off limits—just have fun! Tip: Go with a shade that matches your top! 

 Finally, the focus should be on your outfit and not your shoes. Since there are so many layers and colours going on with your clothes, you’ll want to keep things simple when it comes to shoes. A classic pair of clean white shoes does the trick and simply completes this look. Now go out and enjoy being perfectly styled for the Canadian weather!